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Downloading PSST

Note: you MUST use the same PSST version at both ends of the connection

Note - these are alpha releases, so expect some bugs/quirks. They should be quite usable though.

psst0.2.exe PSST 0.2 - GUI version for Windows - test version - with MITM defence
psst0.2.tgz PSST 0.2 - GUI version for Linux (binary for Mandrake 8, Redhat 7.2 etc)
psst0.1.2 PSST 0.1.2 - Console version for Windows - with MITM defence
psst0.1.1.exe PSST 0.1.1 - Console version for Windows - stable but vulnerable to MITM attack

Source code for Linux (gcc) and Windows (MSVC) is available from Sourceforge CVS.
Build it yourself from the source code if you feel any reason to mistrust the EXE file.

Note - to build from source, you must have the FLTK library Version 1.1.0b5. If you are on linux and have FLTK already installed, then uninstall it and upgrade to v1.1.0b5. Windows users please build FLTK library in static, non-DLL mode.

Development is in early stages - if you encounter any bugs, please let me know - davidmcnab@users.sf.net
Later versions will feature improvements in the user interface, plus extra encryption layers aimed at placing your privacy beyond the practicable reach of any authority on Earth.

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PSST is Copyright (c) 2001 by David McNab, and released subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License. Also, PSST is built from netForth, which contains source code derived from the FICL embedded Forth development environment, released under LGPL and Berkeley licenses. You may use PSST freely in any commercial or non-commercial capacity. If you redistribute PSST, in original or modified form, you must as a mimimum (1) Provide full credit to the author, (2) Include this notice in full, (3) Provide a detailed list of modifications made, if any, and (4) Provide a link back to this web page.If publishing in modified form, it must be published under a title other than 'PSST'. No warrantee is provided - use this program at your own risk.