Other Websites

Here are some worthy sites, with all kinds of information about your rights online, privacy, security and the politics of these issues:

Invisible Net
A site for privacy/anonymity resources, most notably...
IIP - The Invisible IRC Proxy, which allows people to chat on IRC with complete anonymity - IP address of chatters are completely hidden from each other.
IIP is still in its infancy, but very usable - bookmark this site, and watch out for big things to come.

A play on the name 'Carnivore', the FBI's 'Big Brother' mass internet surveillance system.
Herbivore is an open-source Email encryption protocol, early in its development but showing great promise

Amnesty International
A most venerable international society committed to fighting for the freedom of 'prisoners of conscience' - people who have suffered for expressing their opinions non-violently.
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
One of the major 'privacy watchdogs' on the internet. This site provides a lot of information about threats to your privacy, and legal and technical means you can employ to neutralise these threats.
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
EFF is one of the most reputable champions of your online rights.
Well-funded and well-resourced, EFF are constantly on the alert for governments, software companies and other organisations who would try to interfere with your rights.
The Freenet Project
Freenet is a technology which allows anyone to publish any kind of digital content. Freenet's claim to fame is that it allows you to publish and retrieve information anonymously. Once a website, or media files etc are published, Freenet's unique caching, routing and encryption make it almost impossible to trace it back to you. True freedom of expression.