I Need Support!

In order to maintain PSST, port it to other machines, pay my legal bills, and keep developing privacy protection programs, I need your support.

I could have published PSST as $hareware, but I can't stand programs that bomb out after 30 days, or display nag screens etc. I feel it's rude to the user.

Therefore, I've left it to you to decide whether developers who publish programs protecting people's online rights deserve financial support. PSST will not harass you in any way - you can .use it freely as long as you like.

You don't need a credit card. All I ask is that you send cash or bank check or personal check (payable to David McNab) to:

David McNab
PO Box 18424,
Glen Innes,

Believe me, even if you just send a lousy $5, it will make all the difference, because with others sending money as well, it will add up, and empower me to keep fighting for your privacy and online rights. (If sending cash, please wrap it so it can't show if the envelope is held up to light.)

I guess this places PSST in a new software category - 'buskware'.

Registering PSST

Registration for PSST is appreciated, but completely voluntary.
Send an email to
davidmcnab@users.sf.net with the subject 'PSST registration'.